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About Mouth of Mundus

For the first time in human history, our plates are not determined solely by our geographic location. Thanks to our global economy, we have access to just about every ingredient in the world. At Mouth of Mundus, we believe we can feed all the world's mouths by creating quality foods that don't cost a fortune. We do this by utilizing the world market and reinventing our favorite foods with more sustainable ingredients. We are pretty proud of the work we're doing and we would love for you to learn more about our mission and to join with us!

Why change the way we eat?

Mouth of Mundus means Mouth of the World. We chose this name to show our committment to the world's mouths and the world itself. We recognize that the way we eat today isn't healthy for our bodies or our planet. We also recognize how hard it is to eat any other way simply because of a lack of availabilty and high costs. We are on a mission to change that by creating sustainable, delicious foods that help heal our wonderful planet and our bodies.

We believe in the power of whole, natural foods. We think food should be as pure as possible and should be good for the environment. For the first time in history, we have a global economy. We have access to more ingredients and more knowledge than ever before in human history. Mouth of Mundus aims to leverage that literal world of information, techniques and ingredients to take the cringe out of the word 'vegan'. We want foods that are just as delicious and healthy as their dairy counterparts without thier toll on the planet and our wallets.

Who is Mundus for?

Everyone! While most of our products are vegan, we recognize there are a number of other individuals who benefit from eating vegan items, even if they themselves are not vegan. While we certainly support those trying to live a more sustainable or cruelty-free life, we stand firmly behind everyone who has ever been frustrated by the lack of options or the high cost of the foods availabile in our stores today. So the real question is

Why not choose Mundus?

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Who is Mouth of Mundus?

Mouth of Mundus was born when our founder discovered that the secret to eliminating her lifelong chronic pain condition was simply the avoidance of certain foods. While unbelievably grateful for her new life, she quickly realized a few things about America's food industry:

  • There was an extremely limited selection of dairy, egg and animal-free things and few actually tasted familiar.
  • There were an unreal number of harmful or undesirable ingredients in the foods she'd been feeding her family.
  • It was absurdly expensive to feed her family anything better.

Mouth of Mundus stands firm as an example of what we believe food can and should be. We believe we can eat real, whole foods that are not only good for you but also good for the planet- without breaking the bank.

It's time to Eat Real.

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Meet Our Executive Team

With a diverse and wide range of expertise we are committed to changing the food industry one mouth at a time.

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Erin Watson- VP Product Development

  • Erin has a passion for food that is only matched by her committment to bettering the world we live in. Over the last three years of extensive experientation and sometimes obessive behavior, she has learned how to apply traditional kitchen techniques to plant-based mediums to deliver the delicious and healthy cheeses, mixes and ready-to-eat treats you've come to expect from Mouth of Mundus. She is also the creative force behind new products for Mouth of Mundus.
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Colin Roberts- Chief Manufacturing Executive

Colin Roberts has extensive executive and product management experience in the production sector and has worked with brands such as General Motors, Rainbird and Fire Trace. He holds three masters degrees and is driven by key metrics and performance indicators, with specialties in engineering, operations, product development, marketing, finance, sales and global supply chain management. His industry experience also includes automotive, aerospace and scientific instrumentation.

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Mathew Parks - Brewmaster Extraordinaire

Mathew Parks hails from Portland, Oregon-a city known for hops, IPAs and its unique craft beer scene. Mat, self proclaimed beer chef, has spent several years in the world of home brew gaining a small reputation among beer enthusiasts in the local scene. Starting with the teachings of Charlie Papazian and quickly creating unique and robust recipes of his own Mat has now teamed with Mouth of Mundus to offer a vibrant alternative to honey produced mead with his vegan mead recipe, Vead!

Food can destroy the world, but food can also heal it. It starts with you.

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Joel Fuhrman MD

How is Mouth of Mundus different?

Mouth of Mundus represents the belief that we can combine our global index of ingredients with science and a passion for excellence to deliver some of our favorite foods in a way that is more sustainable to the planet and our bodies. Is there a shortage of one ingredient? Did we recently discover that ingredient X is bad for the environment? Mundus believes these are easily overcome obstacles.

Where most companies would try to synthesize or manufacture a new ingredient, we look to the Earth. We ask if Nature has already made an alternative. And in our experience, she usually has. Most cooking is just a set of ingredients that elicit a specific chemical reaction-informally, this knowledge is passed down through generations of home chefs.

Partially by leveraging that knowledge, we have reliably proven that we can create those chemical reactions using whatever global ingredients are already available, not just what's always been used and without manufactured chemical additions or alterations. For example, if one of our formulas calls for a fat or an acid that is no longer available or desirable, we can use another naturally occurring ingredient to allow for substitutions without sacrificing taste or quality. We believe we are no longer limited by our past and that we have the ability, the drive and the responsibility to create delicious foods that nourish our bodies and our planet. The days of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution are over.

What products does Mundus offer?


Dairy-Free Creamery

We offer a wide-range of dairy-free soft, semi-soft and hard cheeses, in addition to a robust line of dairy-free creams and whipping creams. To learn more about the products in our dairy-free creamery, visit our products page!


Dairy Free Prepared or Partially prepared foods

For many people, making the switch to a dairy-free diet is challenging because of the amount of effort required. How do you make green bean casserole for Thanksgiving without that cream soup that we were all rasied on? Our creative and delicious line of dairy-free prepared foods take the hassle out of a new way of eating.


Dairy-Free Pantry

We all lead busy lives and convenience is key to having the time to prepare delicious home-cooked meals. Our robust line of baking mixes and easy-to-prepare side dishes makes cooking from scratch a delight. Our product line is always expanding; to stay up-to-date on the latest releases and sales, sign up for our newsletter below!

Where can I buy Mouth of Mundus products?

We are always working to make it easier to be dairy free. Currently we are based out of beautiful Portland, Oregon and will soon be available in California, Arizona and Texas. If you live in these states and want to learn more about pick-up or delivery options, as well as to see which stores carry us, contact us today! And if you'd like to see Mundus in your area, please contact us today to let us know!

If we're not in your local stores, you can always buy our products on our website or on Amazon.

If you're a retailer interested in carrying our wide range of products, please contact us!

What does a Dairy-Free Company look like?

Our dairy-free cheeses are made using real cultures (from plants) and utilize both traditional methods and the latest trends in the world of cheesesmaking. Our cheeses are cultured and then aged for the perfect balance of flavors. We take great pride in our process and in delivering the same amazing flavors you expect from their less planet-friendly counterparts. All of our mixes and prepared foods are hand crafted by our product development team and we believe they should be just as delicious as their unsustainable counterparts.

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