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About Mouth of Mundus

Mouth of Mundus started when our founder discovered a severe dairy allergy and was left wanting for quality dairy-free products.

We understand first-hand how hard it can be to make a lifestyle change. Our dedicated development team has worked tirelessly to help you make the change with the least amount of effort.

Mundus means "world" and we chose this name to represent our belief that by using all the available resources on our beautiful planet, we can change the way we eat and the way we feel without having to sacrifice our favorite foods.

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After discovering a severe allergy to casien protein and being told I couldn't have cheese, I thought I was a gonner! Thanks to Mouth of Mundus, my whole family can eat uncheese- a healthier alternative that tastes just as delicious!

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Scott L. Marsh — Business Owner

My fiance recently went vegan, and we fought all the time about what to eat. I was sure we were headed for disaster. After trying Mouth of Mundus foods, we are now BOTH happily living a committed vegan lifestyle. Thanks for saving my marriage, Mundus!

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Jonathan HarrisCEO

VEGAN WHIPPED CREAM! Need I say more? Actually, I will. My boyfriend actually likes the Mundus whipped cream better than the dairy stuff. No weird filmy aftertaste!

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Joan RyanConsultant

Mouth of Mundus

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